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Hope Eaton - founder, coffee addict and chaos coordinator

After growing up in Moore and graduating from THE Moore High School (😉), Hope moved to Fulton, Missouri to attend Westminster College for her Bachelors in Sociology and Anthropology. Upon graduation, Hope returned to Oklahoma and began years of working in various positions from social worker to independent insurance agent. After the arrival of her boys, Hope moved home to Moore (and closer to her saintly parents) and finally found her true calling: helping businesses in Moore become more successful and profitable. 


When not at the office, she is with her twin sons she dubbed  Mischief and Mayhem. In rare moments of quiet, she can be found curled up with a good read trying to find out who killed the vicar on the village green with the likes of Miss Marple. But who needs peace and quiet when you've got twins running around, right? (Hope says she does... She DEFINITELY DOES.)

Chaos and emergencies are nothing new to Hope so bring on the deadlines and endless cups of coffee - she's ready for anything!

Woman workiing on laptop with various notebooks and coffee

Look, Hope cannot get a chance to get a good picture with M & M. We are just rolling with it at this point. 

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